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When you need the power of overhead mixers in your laboratory, nothing beats the strength and durability of a Caframo Stirrer. An overhead stirrer provides you with more power, allowing you to properly mix larger volumes of solutions and reagent. Scientific Stirrers is an authorized Caframo distributor, showcasing products to suit any application.

Universal Model

  • Caframo BDC3030 : Built for the rigorous demands of a busy laboratory, the BCD3030 is a high performance stirrer for volumes of 60L. The full feature display allows for easy monitoring of your torque and speed.

Compact Models

  • Petite - Caframo BDC250 : A tiny Caframo overhead stirrer that packs a punch. Boasting a small footprint and easily transported, the BCD250 enables efficient stirring of up to 25L volumes in any setting.
  • Compact – Caframo BDC2002 : Larger than the petite model, the BDC2002 offers flexibility and efficiency and features precision adjustment to perform stirring of up to 25L volumes.

Specialized Models

  • Ultra Speed – Caframo BDC6015 : Built to deliver power and speed, the BDC6015 stirs at a maximum rate of 6000rpm at a +/- 1rpm accuracy. Suitable for volumes of up to 25L.
  • Ultra Torque – Caframo BDC1850 : Providing one of the highest torques of the Caframo range, the BDC1850 delivers up to 568 Ncm in volumes up to 80L.
  • Crossover – Caframo 1540 : This powerful overhead stirrer delivers torque power of up to 3000 Ncm for volumes up to 200L, and can be used with stands, drums or customer mounts.

Caframo Parts and Accessories

As well as our range of Caframo overhead mixers, Scientific Stirrers provides genuine Caframo parts to ensure proper maintenance and enhancement of your existing products. We stock chuck keys and guards, chuck and impeller sets, as well as collect sets, sweep blades and screen protectors. To find out more about our Caframo range, call us today at (908) 698-0348.